Build Your Own LOW BOY

Build Your Own Low Boy

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  • Standard Axle Accessories

    50 Ton55 Ton
    54" Axle SpacingXX
    (3) 25,000lbs Axles w/limit Chains on AllXX
    Cross Members on 10"/4" JR Beam & 12" CM CentersXX
    Hub Pilot Drum with 16.5x7 BrakesXX
    Concentrated Load Capacity of 50T (100,000)X
    Open Wheel with Load Bearing BolstersXX
    4th Axle Compatible to Accept Manual FlipX

    Standard Accessories

    50 Ton55 Ton
    Hydraulics Plumbed to Accept Wet Kit or Pony MotorXX
    Fold Out OutriggersXX
    (4) Pinable OutriggersXX
    (7) Rotating HD-D. RingsXX
    Recessed Storage Boxes Front & RearXX
    Chain Slots at Rear FendersXX
    Flag Holder Built-In Rear Bumper/Front CornersXX
    Sign Pockets in Rear bumperXX