Build Your Own LOW BOY

Build Your Own Low Boy

Build It To Your Spec & Submit For A Full Quote

Standard Axle Accessories

50 Ton 55 Ton
54″ Axle Spacing X X
(3) 25,000lbs Axles w/limit Chains on All X X
Cross Members on 10″/4″ JR Beam & 12″ CM Centers X X
Hub Pilot Drum with 16.5×7 Brakes X X
Concentrated Load Capacity of 50T (100,000) X
Open Wheel with Load Bearing Bolsters X X
4th Axle Compatible to Accept Manual Flip X

Standard Accessories

50 Ton 55 Ton
Hydraulics Plumbed to Accept Wet Kit or Pony Motor X X
Fold Out Outriggers X X
(4) Pinable Outriggers X X
(7) Rotating HD-D. Rings X X
Recessed Storage Boxes Front & Rear X X
Chain Slots at Rear Fenders X X
Flag Holder Built-In Rear Bumper/Front Corners X X
Sign Pockets in Rear bumper X X
Sub Total (Does Not Include 'Call For Pricing' Options)$