Used Trailers

Used Brazos Pit Boss Belly Dump - 4
Stock Number4179T
ModelBelly Dump Pit Boss
Frame TypeFixed
WheelsAll Steel
Number of Rear AxlesTandem
Length40 foot
Width96 inch
Height10 ft 6 in

2017 Wilson hopper bottom

Asking Price: $36,900
  • Length - 34'- 0" to 53' - 0" overall length(s).
  • Width - 8'-0" (95-3/4") overall width(s), 92" inside between skin. 8'-6" (101-3/4") overall width(s), 98" inside between skin available as extra cost option.
  • Height - 66" side height with 54" skin is 10' 6-1/2" (126-1/2") overall on 48-1/4" fifth wheel height and 10" rise ridge strap supports. Optional heights are: 72," 78," 84," 90", 96", 102", 108", and 114".
  • King Pin - 22" standard king pin setting.
  • Landing Gear - Two-speed, vertical, Holland Atlas 55, No-Lube. Located 92" from 22" king pin.
  • Front 5-5/8" radius corners with stainless steel front corner covers, pre-painted .050" aluminum front skin, single wall construction with extruded aluminum vertical Z-type posts, corner sections, lower front finish rail. Ladder assembly and short catwalk. Two grab handles on header.
  • Double wall construction; one-piece .050" pre-painted aluminum outside skin; extruded aluminum Z-type side posts; 66' & 72" high available with one-piece outside skin. All others vertically spliced panels. Inside skin one-piece from 66" to 84" side height. Drain port in rubrails between each side post.
  • Rear End - Single-wall construction. Rear skin is smooth, pre-painted white, with 5 extruded aluminum Z-posts. Two-piece extruded aluminum rear bumper. Ladder assembly and short catwalk. Stirrup step attached to bottom of the rear bumper. Two grab handles on header.
  • Binder Bars & Tarp Supports - 41' and 43' units have 7 permanent arched aluminum tube binder bars with all bows at 10" rise. Two nylon 1" wide straps, spaced on 22" centers at center of trailer, serve as tarp supports.
  • Lower Hoppers - Two structurally integrated lower two-piece hoppers with extruded aluminum corners and 39-1/4 degree slopes on the side, and 33-1/2 degree slopes on the front and rear are standard. Hoppers have extruded aluminum stiffeners; 2 stiffeners on the front and rear, and 2 stiffeners on the sides. Hoppers are divided equally by a hopper center divider.
  • Hopper Traps - Two aluminum RollerTrap assemblies have 27-1/8" wide x 31-1/4" long openings. Additional sizes available.
  • Traps Assembly Ground Clearance - The standard ground clearance of the trap assemblies is 17" on 11 x 24.5 tires. High ground clearance traps (21" distance) are available.
  • Trap Openers - Each trap is opened and closed manually through rollers and twin sets of flexible belts and removable crank on the driver's side.
  • Tarp - Roll tarp with aluminum caps is available as an extra cost option. Mud Flaps
  • Black rubber anti-spray type are standard.
  • Spare Tire Carrier - Cradle-type between hoppers. Optional at extra cost.
  • Lights - Internal Ground System: 12 volt I.C.C. lights with 7-way connector and wiring harness is standard. Two groups of three individual red LED STOP/TURN tail lights are factory sealed. Sealed LED clearance lights have rectangular polycarbonate (Grote Turtleback II) lenses. Flashable LED center marker light is standard.
  • Suspension H-9700 fabricated, under-mount, welded components with screw adjusted radius rods and 11,200 lb. rating two-leaf springs. Subframe: Steel longmembers and crossbars are standard; aluminum is optional. Haldex automatic slack adjusters are standard. SAF-Holland CBX air ride is optional. Other air ride suspensions are available.
  • Axles Two: 5" round with 20,000 lb. rating each with spring suspension. Air Ride suspensions supplied with large diameter axles. Tandem Setting: 49-1/4" from rear bumper to center between axles. Track Width: 71-1/2" on 96" wide; 77-1/2" on 102" wide.
  • Brakes 16-1/2" x 7" x 5/8" double anchor pin, air brakes. Less dust shields. EF non-asbestos brake linings. Wabco; 2 sensor, 1 modulator, ABS
  • Hubs Dura-light hub using MacLean-Fogg Axilok spindle nuts, with Stemco hub cap.
  • Drums Cast steel, outboard mount.
  • Wheels Eight 8.25 x 24.5 white steel disc. 10 hole hub-piloted wheels are standard.
  • Tires Eight 11-24.5 Bridgestone R-196.
  • Finish All steel components are treated with PRP black Corsol anti-corrosive to retard rust. Trap opener plated with yellow zinc dichromate. All aluminum components are left natural.
Frame TypeCenter Point
LocationWills Point TX

Used 1989 Stepdeck

Asking Price: $8000

Used 2014 Transcraft 55 Ton

Asking Price: $33,000

Used 1992 Dorsey Stepdeck

Asking Price: $11,000

Used 1998 Lufkin Sandhauler

Asking Price: $9,000

ModelSand Master Light Weight
Frame TypeCenter Point
LocationWills Point TX



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